Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CRFR's International Conference

Book now for the CRFR International Conference: Researching families and relationships: innovations in methods, theory and policy relevance

10-12 June, John MacIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh #crfr2013

International speakers from 25 countries including Norway, Finland, the US, Malaysia, Portugal, France, and Israel:

Exploring key topics such as domestic abuse, early years, climate change, kinship care
Unrivalled international networking opportunity for researchers interested in families and relationships
Innovative research methods and approaches including visual methods, digital and social media
Addressing ethical issues and covering sensitive topics 
1 day, 2 day and 3 day rates available, including drinks reception and conference dinner

International keynote speakers will talk about child poverty, migration and globalisation; connectedness and kinship; and international development:

Professor Jo Boyden from Young Lives;
Professor Jennifer Mason, Manchester University
Professor Rhacel ParreƱas, University of South Carolina
Glowen Kyei Mensah Participatory Development Associates, Ghana
And CRFR’s Professor Lynn Jamieson

CRFR’s 3-day gathering of international academics working in the area of families and relationships is held every three years – don’t wait till 2016, book your place today!

Day one: Glowen Kyei Mensah on ‘Listening to the voices of children’ and choose from 41 papers on:
Changing families and relationships
Networks and mobility
Elective relationships
Time and generations
The longitudinal lens
Addressing issues of inequality m
Resettling families
The development of visual methods
Post separation families and emotions
Families and climate change
Researching sensitive topics
Addressing policy challenges
Then network and relax at the drinks reception

Day two: Rhacel Parrenas on Gendered intimacies in transnational life and choose from 43 papers on:
Transnational families
Kinship care
Relexivity and Ethnography
Researching majority/minority worlds
The impact of the digital age
Researching multiple family perspectives
Mothers and inequalities
Challenges in the early years
Addressing issues of inequality
Participative approaches
Families food and eating
Perspectives on families and domestic abuse’

Jo Boyden on what international comparative longitudinal research contribute to researching, understanding and changing childhood poverty in developing countries?

Then network and relax at the conference dinner

Day Three: choose from 19 papers on Families relationships and global issues
Resettling families
Networks and personal communities
Learning from evaluation
Families, relationships and global issues
Mixed method approaches

Jennifer Mason talks about Sensations, atmospheres and resemblances: ‘tuning in’ differently to families and relationships.

A panel discussion is joined by Graham Allen, Keele University
Then book a masterclass with Jennifer Mason on ‘Facet Methodology’ principles and practice

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