Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Engaging with men to tackle violence against women

The White Ribbon Campaign's 16 days of action, from 25 November - 10 December, has just finished. It was 16 days to engage men and boys in tackling violence perpetuated against women, to challenge gender inequality and sexist attitudes and to see women's rights as a vital component of human rights.

The Scottish Parliament hosted a debate on a motion recognising the campaign and the efforts of the White Ribbon Campaign and others who have been working in this area. Led by Jamie Hepburn MSP, the debate referred to CRFR research by Nancy Lombard to call for a change in attitudes in dealing with the problem. The research, carried out in 2011, found that young children justify men's violence against women using gender stereotypes and a rigid understanding of adult relationships. It also found that young people use masculinity and the definitions of masculinity to explain why men were violent, rather than to question the violence.

It is an issue demanding recognition: in Scotland, an incident of domestic abuse is recorded every 10 minutes, and White Ribbon Scotland suggest that one in five women experience domestic abuse.

Read the report of the debate, Official report, meeting of Parliament, Tuesday 4 December 2012.
Read the CRFR research briefing written by Nancy Lombard,  Young People's attitudes about violence.

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