Friday, 10 June 2011

New GUS findings

New findings from the Growing Up in Scotland study were published this week by the Scottish Government. Four new reports, using data from the first five years of GUS provide further evidence about the importance of children's early experiences in determining later outcomes.

Key findings:

* Parents most in need are those who are least likely to use services.

* Differences in cognitive ability between children from more and less advantaged groups found at age 3 persist at age 5.

* Over two in five children experience key events in their early life which can lead to negative child outcomes.

* Day-to-day parenting can influence child health.

Link to Press Release.

Links to the Research Summaries:

Parental service use and informal networks in the early years

Changes in child cognitive ability in the pre-school years

Parenting and children's health

Change in early childhood and the impact of significant events


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