Monday, 30 August 2010

What Scottish Parents tell us, new research

  • Nearly half ( 45%) of families are finding it harder to to pay their bills than a year ago.
  • Parents rely heavily on informal childcare
  • Nearly a three quarters (72%) of parents say they don't know where to go for advice and support in bringing up children
  • Money, work and children's behaviour were the top three sources of stress for Scottish parents
These are just some of the fascinating findings of a Ipsos MORI poll undertaken for Parenting across Scotland entitled What Scottish Parents Tell Us. Parenting across Scotland commissioned the poll to seek parents ' experiences of a range of parenting issues:
  • How families are being affected by the recession
  • Childcare and pre-school education
  • Advice and support in bringing up children
  • Attitudes to doctors Relationships
  • Parents' future support needs
You can access the summary and full report at

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